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Total Veracity - What are we about? 

We are bold

Most business are highly skilled multitaskers — and proud of it.

They are accustomed to doing everything (or almost everything) themselves. By not enlisting the help of TotalVeracity, they might be missing out on some important benefits for their business. We are a team of global experts that listen to your problems and tailor solutions to your business. 

Total Veracity offer a creative and thought out solutions to problems that have made successful and long lasting solutions for global clients and are always trying to innovate and create solutions to our clients’ needs. 

We have engaged in a lot of unique assignments for a variety of clients, from large multinationals to rural business'. With every job, there is a new challenge and our global team of experts is dedicated to delivering the solution that is right for our client.

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Hyper Talent Solutions

There are many reasons companies are reevaluating “business as usual” and turning to hyper talented short term staff rather than hiring full-time staff. First, the recent pandemic caused one of the most significant shifts in hiring practices as traditional businesses were forced to adapt and change. Business owners and managers recognised that their workforce no longer needed to sit at a desk in an office from nine-to-five to be successful. The rise in remote workers, video conferencing, and talented workers dispersed around the globe has led many businesses to hire more of these flexible staff

Specialised talent

Talented freelancers offer expertise that businesses can tap into with ease. If your business requires a specific skillset for a project, you can identify a freelancer that has spent years perfecting that same craft. The more experienced a freelancer is, the more value they can bring to a project. The business can benefit from the freelancer’s experience without devoting internal resources or adding a permanent position to their payroll.

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About: Services
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 Cost savings

Traditional full-time employees are expensive. In addition to paying their salary, business owners are responsible for training costs, benefits, health insurance, paid time-off, and payroll taxes. In contrast, hiring from TotalVeracity allows your business to eliminate many of these overhead costs. TotalVeracity Talent don’t require a dedicated workspace in your office or training. Hiring from TotalVeracity allows a business to reduce costs without sacrificing work output.

 Company risk reduction

When you hire a full-time employee, you invest in that individual’s future with the company. Training and onboarding them costs money and time, which generally involves some risk. Rather than losing that investment if the employee decides to leave the company, working with a freelancer allows you to build a contract with specific deliverables before payment. Working with a TotalVeracity also reduces the risk as you can make changes without impacting your internal processes.

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Implementation Planning

No long-term commitment

When you hire a full-time employee, you’re now responsible for that individual’s livelihood, and they are expecting to have long-term job security. Our Hyper talented personnel can be hired for a short term project  for a set amount of time, or to help with long-term projects with specific deliverables. This lack of a long-term commitment affords companies greater flexibility when hiring from TotalVeracity

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Schedule flexibility

One great benefit of TotalVeracitys Talent is that they’re available to be hired 24/7. That means our hyper talent is there to help you resolve last-minute emergencies when you need them. For example, a website may go down on Friday evening. If you have to wait until Monday morning for your full-time employee to come back to work, you could be losing out on a full weekend’s worth of potential business. A conventional employee may clock out and go home at 5 o’clock, but TotalVeracitys talent often have a more flexible work schedule that can revolve around a client’s needs.

Talent Pool

When hiring a full-time employee, companies are usually restricted to the area in which their business operates. By opening the opportunity to us at TotalVeracity, companies can access a larger talent pool from around the world, which allows companies to find the specific talent, qualifications, and skills they require without settling for the best available person in their immediate area.  It’s easier than ever to find and hire talented people for your job.

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